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How far in advance do I need to book my car for transport?

Most customers book their car at least a week before the transport date. However, expedited shipping is available. Vehicle transports needed within two days of booking may require an expediting fee. We will schedule a car carrier to pick up and deliver according to your needs.


Is my car insured during transport?

Yes, your vehicle is fully insured during transport. All auto transporters used by Lepke Auto transport have a minimum of $50k coverage per vehicle. If your vehicle is valued at more than $50k please advise us upon booking the order so that we can make sure your vehicle is completely covered.


Can I leave personal items in the vehicle during transport?

Technically, the carrier is only licensed to ship vehicles and not household items. Generally, the carrier will allow up to 100lbs in the trunk and possibly in the back seat. The main concern is making sure no windows are obstructed which would be a hazard when loading the vehicle. Also, if there is too much weight, the vehicle could scrape while loading.


How do I pay for my car to be transported?

Lepke Auto Transport will take a credit card over the phone for a security deposit which will be charged once your vehicle has been assigned to a carrier. There is no deposit charged upfront. The remaining balance can be paid upon delivery of your vehicle with cash, cashier’s check, or money order. The driver will give you a receipt for your payment. If you desire to pay for the total payment on a credit card please advise your representative while placing the order.


What does “door to door” mean?

The transport driver will try to get as close to your door as possible to pick up and deliver your vehicle. In some cases, especially in residential neighborhoods, a large car hauler is not permitted down side streets. Please remember that many of these car haulers are 80,000 lbs, 80ft long, and very low to the ground. To protect vehicles being transported and to obey traffic laws, the transport driver may ask you to bring your car to a nearby parking lot that is more accessible.


Who can I contact during my transport to get an update?

You can call Lepke Auto Transport at any time during your vehicle shipment to get an update. However, when we assign your vehicle to a carrier you will receive a notice with the driver’s name and number which you can call directly as well.


What happens if my vehicle is damaged during transport?

This rarely happens, but if it does, you should mark the damages on the inspection report before you sign off on the delivery and notify us right away so that we can contact the carrier and their insurance company to file an insurance claim. If you do not mark the damages on the inspection sheet it may be difficult to prove it was damaged during transport.


How long does a transport typically take?

Coast to coast is approximately 7-10 days. A North to South route is about 5-7 days.


How do I place an order for my car or motorcycle to be transported?

Please fill out a free quote form on the left or call us at 877-733-3479.