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Seasonal Travelers

Seasonal Travelers

Are you a Snowbird? Do you have a second home in a warmer location because you can’t bear the cold winters in the north-east or mid-west? Don’t worry, there are many like you! Now that you’re able to escape the winter, you’re only problem is your vehicle. Some Snowbirds take another route and are renowned for being RVers, taking their homes with them. Now you needn’t own or think about owning a motor home with car transporters that has made vehicle transport or car shipping has become so easy, reliable and efficient. You can enjoy the luxury and comfort of knowing that you have a home to go to that has that particular homely feel, as well as a means to travel around and experience that sun you went to the south for! Also, why wait in hours of traffic when you can hop on a plane and have your car meet you at the next destination? Sounds lovely, right? Reliable car shipping companies make it easy for you; why not enjoy the benefits?

This is where you need the help of car shipping companies, such as ourselves, Lepke’s Auto Transport. Fortunately, Lepke’s can take care of both parts of your trip, leaving during the winter and your return during the spring. We are very skillful at successfully executing the shipping of your vehicle with such care and efficiency, always bearing in mind the most cost efficient seasonal vehicle transports options for you Snowbirds. Isn’t it nice to know that you can travel back and forth between the two homes, knowing that you will be mobile in both places, be it the Midwest or east coast to Florida or the Southwest, with the simple use of a reliable car transporter?

Since at Lepke’s we believe in catering to the specific needs of our clients, we have vehicle transport options you can choose from that best suit you, your family, and of course, your car. One car transporter option is Open auto transportation. This is a fuel efficient and cost effective option considering fuel costs are shared with other cars loaded on the multi carrier, but because of the other cars, it may also take a longer time to deliver your own car to it’s destination. But, it is still door-to-door service!
The other option is enclosed auto transport. We recommend that you use enclosed auto transport if you have a special or classic car to transport, have a car valued over $50k and want to ensure the care and schedule of delivery. Lepke Auto transport has immense experience moving classic cars, exotic cars, as well as high end vehicles. Using the enclosed carrier will ensure your vehicle the safest possible transport. Although damage to vehicles are uncommon at Lepke’s, we just know that when it comes to that special car, minimizing any risk is paramount for us and for you. Classic car transport will guarantee your vehicle is fully insured even up to a high value where open transports may only be insured up to $50k. Together, we can choose the best mode of transportation for your car so you can get on that plane, worry-free!

There is no need to look for any other car shipping companies for those seasonal journeys, as here at Lepke’s our experience speaks for itself.

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