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Online Auto Purchases

Online Auto Purchases

All of us have heard of and are familiar with many online companies such as, ebay motor, craigslist, and even online auctions. They have a lot to offer, but don’t you ever feel a tinge of doubt sometimes? Or have you ever been disappointed by that car you wanted but got beat out by someone who happened to click faster than you on ebay? Frustrating, isn’t it? Let’s not forget the fact that when you do purchase a car online, you are then the one that has to go and collect it. Which is a real pain when it’s a 24hour drive away, or even a plane ride away. Now, you may be wondering what on earth this has to do with car transporters, like ourselves, but believe it or not, car shipping companies can remedy this nuisance, also! Take the unnecessary stress out of your life that’s caused by an online bidding war, as well as finding that the car you bought home from the auction is not what you expected, and make an online purchase with us, Lepke’s auto! Very few car shipping companies offer this service: to be able to make an online purchase with a reliable company, then have them offer vehicle transport also? We are car transporters that go the extra mile – just for you!

The great thing about us is that you can entrust us with your vehicle transport because we have been doing it for years, and with great reviews. So why take a chance on individuals, or private sellers on ebay who are not as renowned, experienced in matters of vehicles, or as reliable as we are? It’s a win win situation: we offer the cars online, as well as the vehicle transport in order to get it to you quickly and safely. Not many car transporters offer this service, and at such high quality also. It’s hard to by pass!

So, once you choose your car online with us, you also get to choose how you want your vehicle transported; either by open auto transport, or enclosed auto transport. Open transportation is a very good cost effective and fuel efficient option, but it can take a little longer to get to you than the enclosed auto option. This is because it’s on a bed carrier with other cars that also need to be dropped off to their destinations. So, if you live further out, the chances are that you will get your car later; which is not a problem if you are in no rush. If, however, you have made a purchase on a classic car, or an exotic car, both over $50k, we would advise you to use enclosed auto transport. This option uses more equipment and has a carrier whereby your car is sealed and enclosed, and therefore more secure, away from the rough terrain and potential scratches or chips. This is absolutely ideal for those classic cars and more dear purchases. Because of the extra equipment usage, enclosed auto transport is a little pricier, but ensures the utmost protection of your new vehicle, and is certainly worth it. We are also able to ensure the vehicle of up to $50k, for extra measures and precaution. Although, at Lepke’s, the safety of a vehicle has never been an issue with our vehicle transport; but we have to admit, we care about your car, be it an an SUV, a truck, a classic car, or exotic car, as much as you do!

This is too much of an exciting opportunity to miss, so choose us for your reliable online auto purchases, as well as car transporters; we are ready and able to assist you!

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