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Military Move

Military Move

So, now we have established that moving can be quite a difficult endeavour, but with the help of car shipping companies, a lot of the stress is remedied. Professional car transporters and car shipping companies can be very time efficient and stress alleviating not only for usual residential moves, but for military moves also. There are so many things to consider when shipping yourself, your belongings and your family to another place that is foreign to you. Having to adjust to new climates, new people and ways of living is just the tip of the ice berg for some of you in the military. That’s why with such a big move (in every sense of the word) you should allow auto transporters to take care of that aspect of your life – your vehicles!

At Lepke Auto Transport, we understand and appreciate that the nature of military life and military moves can be exhausting and quite hard; constantly moving around to the next post, faced with a Permanent Change of Station. The notion of constant change can be exciting, but let’s face it, it is physically and emotionally draining. Car transporters aim to be there for you, your vehicle and your family. We know that a vehicle is more than just a mode of transportation.

Lepke Auto Transport is one of those car shipping companies that can definitely be trusted with your potentially tumultuous move and make it as smooth sailing as you like to envision it to be! With our average 5 star customer rating, feel safe in the knowledge that we take very good care of our customers. There are Military personnel that are placed across the country that need good car transporters to transport their vehicles to their new homes. We just so happen to be auto transporters that are happy and able to help you with your very specific needs as people in the military. Which is why we have a variety of options just for you.

Whether you need classic car transport, enclosed auto transport, or open auto transportation – it’s not a problem for us!

With open auto transportation, your car would be loaded with several other cars on a multi car transport, which is a very cost efficient method of transportation. Fuel costs will be shared with other, which also means that there will be many other vehicles loaded on the multi car carriers. This could result in it taking several more days for your vehicle to arrive at it’s destination.

Enclosed Auto transport is a great option for you if you are looking for a classic car transport, exotic car transport, or new car transport. Classic cars should be treated as such – with classic car transport! With enclosed auto transport, your classic and highly exotic car not only gets to it’s destination on time, but still looking beautiful.

Here’s how it works. So your car would be fully loaded on an enclosed trailer, away from the elements for a smoother ride. On top of this, it will also have a car cover on it to make sure it’s protected when travelling on the road. We recommend this service for anyone with a vehicle valued over $50,000 to ensure safe an secure shipment of your prized possession. An enclosed carrier will also have fewer vehicles loaded on the trailer, making the transport quicker with an even lower risk of damage. This generally costs 30-40% more than an open auto transport because of the extra care and equipment we use on enclosed auto transport. It certainly is worth the cost!

We understand also that, with your line of work, time is short and you are incredibly busy. If you are not available for your enclosed auto transport , classic car transport or open auto transport drop off/pick up, let us know in advance and we will advise you on the best possible options of getting your vehicle to you in a timely manner, still with very competitive prices.

We know that you are used to moving copious amounts of times, but this move doesn’t have to be like the rest; stressful, laborious, and lonesome. Let us , car transporters that known for satisfying their customer, assist you with your military moves. It’s what we are here for and what we do best.