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Company Relocation

Company Relocation

Lepke Auto Transport are car transporters that deal with many people moving for a plethora reasons; be it for college, personal home move, military personnel, or company relocation – we do it.

Let’s take the last example; If you have been recently promoted or your company is relocating you to another town, state or part of the country, but you have a vehicle you want to take with you, car transporters can help you. Sometimes this can feel like a blessing and a curse; on one hand you have an opportunity for change, growth and newness, and yet on the other hand, you have stress, doubts and many loose ends to tie up. Your company is paying for the flight, accommodation and perhaps even giving you a raise, but you still have that daunting thought of, ‘what about my vehicle(s)’? You already have your whole life to move over to somewhere new, packing it in your car and driving down to a new destination by yourself, is quite a harrowing option – especially when there are more effective and efficient means. Or worse still, you have more than one vehicle and not enough drivers. Car shipping companies, such as Lepke Auto Transport exist to eradicate that problem.

Car shipping companies can ship your vehicle to your new destination, so that you don’t have to. There are a variety of options available to get your vehicle to it’s new destination: enclosed auto transport, classic car transport, open auto transport, all with the option of door to door delivery!

It doesn’t matter where in America you are going to – this even includes harder to reach places such as, Hawaii car shipping and Alaska car shipping! So feel free to move your car, van, truck or SUV, being rest assured that we, skilled car transporters, cover a multitude of destinations. For those harder to reach places, that maybe have roads that we can’t quite get to, or closed off areas, or that you’re living such a busy life moving your stuff over that you may not be available for delivery, we may recommend terminal-to-terminal delivery and pick up. This is a cost effective auto transporters option, which entails your vehicle being securely stored in a terminal with other vehicles, ready for you to pick up at a time more convenient for you. Alternatively, a driver can pick it up and deliver at a time more suitable to you, if your destination is reachable. If you want to know more about any of our options, don’t hesitate to ask; car shipping companies are here to answer your questions and queries.

Take a look at the vehicle(s) you have and decide what service you would like; of course we are happy to advise and recommend things, but we want you to have, especially if you have a particular preference. For example, if you are taking that new Porsche with you, then we would advise you to use enclosed auto transport or a classic car transport for the classic car in the garage .Why enclosed auto transport or classic car transport you may ask? Because we understand that relocating to somewhere new with things that are unfamiliar can throw you off. So how best to settle in than knowing your car will be delivered safely and securely, without spot or blemish, giving you a piece of you familiarity back. We also recommend this service for all cars $50,000 and above. We offer door-to-door service and an enclosed trailer, with less vehicles for quick car transportation and so that the elements cannot touch your vehicle. This needs more equipment, so naturally is more expensive than open auto transportation. Open auto transportation is cheaper because fuel costs are shared with other cars loaded on the multi carrier, but because of the other cars, it may also take a longer time to deliver your own car to it’s destination. Together, we can decide what’s best for you, your mood and very importantly, your vehicle.

With the many benefits car transporters offer, it would be sad to miss out on such an opportunity in such an important and exciting time of your life. So whether you choose enclosed auto transport, classic car transport, or open auto transport, it doesn’t matter, just know that we are here to provide impeccable service for whatever your need is.

To be provided with a FREE Lepke Auto Transporters’ quote, please fill in our online form and be sure to give as much information about the vehicle itself as you can. Or call us on 877-733-3479 to discuss your auto transporters request today.