Lepke Auto Transport

Over 10,000 Vehicles Shipped Across the USA!


Auto Transport for Car Dealers

Auto Transport for Car Dealers

Lepke Auto Transport has a reputation for quick, dependable service. We got our start in the auto transport industry over 17 years ago hauling full loads for dealers from auctions around the Midwest. Since then we have expanded our network of dealers nationwide. We still highly value our dealer accounts and offer discount rates for multiple vehicle loads.

Dealer services

  • Auction to dealer transport
  • Dealer to customer transport
  • New cars from factory or rail to dealer transport
  • Full load discounts
  • Dealer trade

If you would like a quote please email [emailcrypt email=’quotes@lepkeautotrans.com’ subject=”Info from http://www.lepkeautotrans.com” ]quotes@lepkeautotrans.com[/emailcrypt] or call 877-733-3479.

If you would like to see our company packet which includes references, MC Authority, insurance info, W-9 form, along with a convenient transport order form, please email us at quotes@lepkeautotrans.com